MONESSEN (KDKA) — Castle Blood beckons the wayward to the eastern flats of Monessen.

“Ah, greetings mortal. I am Macabre. Gravely Macabre. Welcome to our new home.”

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Ghoulish “host” Ricky Dick guides the tour of the building, filled with Halloween trappings. He and volunteers moved the furnishings of his former Beallsville home to an empty office building.

“It does happen from time to time, over the centuries, that we have to move,” he says, in the character of Gravely. “Usually, it’s just when we had our ‘fill’ of the locals, if you know what I mean. But we’re very happy to be here. We’re part of the arts and education re-birth of Monessen. And we were actually invited. As you know, a vampire can’t go anywhere he’s not invited.”

Castle Blood’s new “haunts” will be open, year round, renting space for parties that are truly “off the wall.”

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“We call this the grand hallway,” he says, leading the tour. “But we turn our corner here, and we go into Crow Haven.”

With 30 volunteer actors in costume, Castle Blood favors Gothic theatrics, rather than the chainsaw gore of many other haunted hangouts.

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