PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In 2011, the Northgate High School football team made the playoffs, but there was one aspect of their team that was sorely lacking.

“We had such a need for a kicker,” says Northgate head coach TJ Wiley. “We didn’t even really have one.”

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Well, times have changed and Northgate is no longer in need.

They have found a kicker. Two of them, actually, and they only had to travel 12,000 miles to join the team. Northgate’s new kickers are from Nepal.

Dil Subba and Raju Gurung were relocated with the help of Catholic Charities, along with 11 other families from Nepal who have made Bellevue their home.

And little did Wiley know that they’d be delivering him two new kickers.

“Hey, as long as they’re making extra points for Northgate now,” Wiley says with a laugh.

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It did take some convincing to get the team on board.

“At first, I think the kids looked at it almost like, is this really what we’re doing?” Wiley says. “Is this a novelty act?”

It wasn’t, and all it took was one kick to find that out.

“Dil can kick from about 40 to 45 yards consistently,” Wiley says. “Raju from 30 to 35 and that’s just learning the game.”

“How can’t you love them? They’re so cute,” he added. “I mean, they’re not real big in stature; and they’re always smiling, and they’re always here. So, I keep saying, we’re happy to have them.”

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