By Rick Dayton

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman was able to escape her home when it caught on fire overnight.

However, firefighters had a difficult time putting out the flames.

The alarm sounded a little after 4 a.m.

The home of an older woman was on fire at 260 Merry Lane in Penn Hills.

“Police were here first,” Penn Hills Fire Chief John Capone said. “They helped assist the elderly lady out of the house first and everyone is fine.”

The woman is the one who made the initial call for help — what crews found was a house tucked way back in the woods.

“Upon arrival, the whole first floor was fully engulfed due to the circumstances of the fire plug being probably a mile to a mile and a half away,” Capone said. “We had some major water issues.”

They managed the best they could, but Capone says it is very hard to do without water. In essence, what they did was create a modern day bucket brigade.

“We probably have about six or seven engines here using all their tank water,” Capone said. “And we also have Monroeville’s tanker come in to relay water from the fire plug back to us.”

Investigators are looking into the fire that happened at the end of the dead-end street that has only five housed on it and while the elderly lady who lives there managed to get out safely, the damage to the house is extensive.

“I would say at least the first floor and the roof — a total loss,” Capone said.

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