PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The epic film “War Horse” follows a horse named Joey through the explosive battlefields of World War I.

The powerful story has now come to the Benedum Center with shows continuing through Sunday.

The “horse” will take the stage as a puppet. Weighing in at 120 pounds, the four-legged war veteran comes to life, thanks to three talented puppeteers.

“All three puppeteers make all the noises for Joey,” says actor/puppeteer Danny Beiruti. “All through the show, they communicate together. They bring Joey to life.”

The “head” of the horse is puppeteer Danny Yoerges.

“Something as gentle as me just pushing Brian,” he says, “we can feel that much movement in the horse. So if Brian wants to step forward, I, in the head, know it almost before he does.”

Brian Robert Burns is the “heart.”

“My job is to communicate his attitudes through breath, and also I control the front two legs as well,” he says.

Gregory Manley controls the hind quarters.

“Hind legs are really where the power comes from,” said Manley. “So, for the acceleration and for a lot of the fright, the hind is going to be the first thing to react.”

Working as one, they bring the mythical “war horse” to the stage.

Tickets are still available and for more information on dates and show times, click here: http://trustarts.culturaldistrict.org/production/32844

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