PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There have been a number of accidents involving bicyclists recently, and there were two more on Tuesday.

Emergency crews were called to Sarah Street on Pittsburgh’s South Side around 5 p.m. where a bicyclist was hit by a car. The driver did stop. But it’s not clear how badly the cyclist was hurt.

Earlier in the afternoon, another bike rider, 25-year-old Nick Drombosky of Oakland, was injured when he was hit by a truck in Squirrel Hill.

“The biker flipped over his handle bars… landed on the sidewalk,” said Max Walko, a witness.

The bicyclist was heading up Wilkins Avenue toward Shady Avenue when he entered the intersection at the same time as a red truck, possibly a Sonoma.

Witnesses could not believe what happened next.

“We saw the red truck swerve to actually intentionally hit this biker,” said Walko. “There was plenty of room for both the bike and the car to be traveling through the intersection.”

Tumbling over his handlebars, the bicyclist fell, smacking his head on the pavement.

“He was down on the ground for about five, 10 minutes, and kind of writhing in pain for a while,” Walko said.

The driver of the truck was long gone.

“It looked like a hit and run to us; yes, totally,” Walko said.

When paramedics arrived, the injured bicyclist was able to talk with them.

“He was definitely rattled by what happened, said his head hurt, and it looked like his helmet was broken too,” Walko added.

But that helmet may just have been his life saver.

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