PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Pittsburgh Police are asking for the public’s help to locate a vehicle, which may have been involved in a hit-and-run in Lincoln-Larimer Sunday night.

Police are looking for a late-1990’s model of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, medium gray in color.

“We got a really good tip late yesterday afternoon,” says Sgt. Dan Connolly, of Pittsburgh Police Collision Investigations.

Investigators say you’ll know the Jeep when you see it.

“Because the molding on the side is being held to the vehicle with twine or some wire,” said Sgt. Connolly. “There are very large rust spots above the wheel wells.”

Last Sunday, the driver of the SUV allegedly hit a 55-year-old man at a pedestrian crosswalk in Lincoln-Larimer.

“We have a description of the damage from the crash as being on the right front bumper area, right around the headlight assembly,” said Sgt. Connolly.

The driver took off, leaving the catastrophically injured man lying in the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Meadow Street.

One witness to the hit-and-run said the victim was left like a dog.

Collision Investigators believe that the SUV’s driver may be taking his damaged vehicle around to body shops in the area.

“We have information that he’s soliciting body shops for a very quick paint job,” Sgt. Connolly added.

The driver is described as a light-skinned African American man standing at five-foot-11 and having a thin build, with a thin moustache and was wearing glasses.

He may also have a white, blond-haired woman with him.

Police have still not identified the victim of the hit and run, but they tell KDKA’s Mary Robb Jackson that as of Monday night he was in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

If anyone has information about the damaged Jeep or the driver, they can contact Pittsburgh Police Collision Investigation at 412-937-3051 or Homicide at 412 323-7161.


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