CLAIRTON (KDKA) — It’s almost a year since the Clairton Bears won their third consecutive Class A state football championship. More than three years have passed since the Bears have lost a game.

Senior Titus Howard is bound for Pitt. Classmate Terrish Webb will play for Kent State. But first, unfinished business.

On Friday morning at Heinz Field, they go for a state record 60th win in a row.

“We’ve been playing all our life,” Howard says. “We won championships in little league, too. So this is kind of like, this ain’t new for us.”

“I think that’s why we’re such a good team,” Webb adds. “Because we got that bond, like it’s more than we’re teammates, it’s like we’re brothers on a football field.”

They’ll be wearing more than shoulder pads when they take to the field on Friday. Their shoulders bear the pride, and expectations, of an entire community.

Clairton has fallen on hard times since the mills closed, years ago.

Resident Annette Halcomb’s son played for last year’s champs.

“It felt wonderful,” she says. “So, I mean, the town is ecstatic. They’re going crazy. You know what I’m saying? We’re about to make a world record. We’re about to be famous.”

“I graduated from here in 1990, went here, kindergarten to 12th grade,” says Principal Tom McCloskey.

Regarding the winning streak, he says: “I hope that they know that, win or lose, we got their back.”

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