GERMAN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The sun was shining brightly through the stained glass window at the Mazzocco family home in Fayette County Thursday afternoon.

But something is amiss, a two-by-four holds the front door in place. The door frame is shattered and the family is planning a funeral.

“It’s the most traumatic thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life and I will never get over it, ever,” says Nancy Mazzacco, the victim’s widow.

Nancy is mourning the death of her husband, Richard. He collapsed and died after the couple discovered their home had been broken into.

“And I tried to do CPR, but I couldn’t… it didn’t help,” said Nancy. “And I called 911 and they came, but by the time that they came, he was already in full cardiac arrest.

Richard Mazzacco was a builder, a craftsman. He built several homes.

He leaves behind a son, Richard, who is a student at California University.

State police are trying to track down the burglar who prompted a deadly heart attack.

“The excitement involved in finding out something like that’s happened to the home is one thing, but going into this type of medical emergency from it is something that is a bit unusual,” said Trooper Stefani Plume, of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Mazzocco became extremely upset when he realized the burglar had stolen his legally-registered handgun. Even though he had had some previous heart and breathing problems, his widow is convinced that the burglar caused her husband’s death.

“It wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t burglarized,” Nancy added. “He would still be here with us.”

Investigators say they are considering involuntary manslaughter charges against burglary suspect if that person is caught.

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