CONNELLSVILLE (KDKA) — Out of the blue, Connellsville’s Breakneck Creek turned blue last month leaving investigators scratching their heads until now.

KDKA’s Andy Sheehan: “Mystery solved then?”

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DEP’s John Poister: “Mystery solved.”

On Monday, the Department on Environmental Protection cited the National Envelope Company of Scottsdale with improper disposal of printer’s ink.

The DEP’s Poister says the company hired a man named Rodney Allen — who dumped the ink in his backyard near the creek.

Poister says the ink drum had leaked in Allen’s pickup leaving an easy trail for investigators.

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KDKA’s Andy Sheehan: “So, this wasn’t a very hard crime to figure out?”

Poister: “No, investigators were able to trace that trail to the property.”

The ink can be toxic so the DEP continues to monitor the creek for ill effects.

The National Envelope Company faces as yet undetermined fines.

The company has been cited with a notice of violation and there will be further investigation of Mr. Allen.

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Environmental Officials Investigate After Local Creek Turns Blue (11/8/12)
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