CARNEGIE (KDKA) — The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has set off discussions at local schools about security.

One of the largest districts in the area, Pittsburgh Public Schools, says it is on heightened alert in light of Friday’s events and is re-evaluating school security across the board.

And re-evaluating seems to be a key word for districts throughout the area.

A police car was parked outside Carnegie Elementary School on Monday. You could see one there on just about any day for special events, but on Monday it was there with a different purpose.

“I spoke with the superintendent of the school district and we both agreed that an increased police presence would be warranted,” said Chief Jeff Harbin, of Carnegie Police.

So, at least for today, there was a visible police presence at the kindergarten through sixth grade school – at the very least – bringing peace of mind to students and faculty.

“I looked at our first graders today,” said Carla Hudson, the principal at Carnegie Elementary. “Those are my angels that are here, and so you get that personal connection, and then you start analyzing, what would I do?”

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland contacted a number of other districts throughout the area to find out what changes might be in place today and going forward.

Most, like Char Valley and North Hills, have updated information on their websites.

In this day and age, while schools send letters home, the website is the most popular for communicating this type of information with families; but it’s still up to teachers and principals to observe the kids once they get to school and work to try and make them feel safe – even when they live in a world – that isn’t always safe.

“The best thing is to keep to a normal routine as best we can,” said Hudson. “If it is addressed, we’re not going to have class discussion, but make sure the students are well aware that they are safe here, and there’s lots of adults here.”

Most districts in this area say they will be re-evaluating their security policies over the next few weeks.

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