PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — While we’re not expecting the snow we got two days ago, some are still getting ready for the next round – especially since many people seemed to be caught off guard on Wednesday with the first big snowfall of the winter.

The return of that bright thing in the sky today was just what was needed to get ready for this weekend and the next burst of snow.

At the Home Depot in Bridgeville, Trish Lamoreau of Burgettstown was headed for her car this afternoon with a brand new snow shovel.

KDKA’s John Shumway: “What’s your plan for this shovel?”

Lamoreau: “It’s for my husband.”

The weapons of the civilian snow-fighting brigade were doing a brisk business Friday – freshly restocked after the rush during Wednesday’s storm.

Meanwhile, PennDOT was ready for Wednesday’s storm, and spent the day getting ready for tonight.

“Crews have been out clearing drains, making sure the snow we did get has areas to melt so we don’t have ice on the roads,” PennDOT’s Jim Struzzi said. “Meanwhile, other crews are back here fixing any mechanical problems that we had, restocking and piling the salt supplies and making sure everything is ready to go for this weekend.”

Twelve hour shifts for state crews start at midnight, including Rick Staub – a PennDOT driver – who has been clearing the roads for you for 30 years.

Staub: “Everybody’s got their roads plowed back, so of course, we’ll get the plows on tonight and be ready for it whenever it comes.”

Shumway: “Doesn’t that get frustrating having to hit it over and over again?”

Staub: “Very. It’s hard; it’s not fun, it’s a job – takes a lot of concentration on everybody’s part. We get it done though somehow.”

The road crews respond the same for a Saturday snow as a weekday, but hope it will be a bit easier than Wednesday.

“Hopefully, it’s a little less traffic,” said Rob Kaczorowski, of Pittsburgh Public Works. “Traffic plays a part in any type of snow removal operation, and hopefully people do what they have to do today while there’s a break in the weather – get their shopping done, get what they need and stay home tomorrow.”

Light Snow To Arrive Overnight (12/28/12)
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