PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One year ago, PPG Place was purchased by a North Carolina-based real estate company. Now that company, Highwoods Properties, is planning some changes, especially near Market Square.

The iconic glass structures of PPG Place are getting a makeover.

“As a continuation of our commitment, we’d like to see what we can do to bring more energy down here to Market Square,” said Andy Wisniewski, division head for Highwood Properties.

Wisniewski says PPG Place wants to take part in the new vibrancy of Market Square.

“Three-quarters of this whole plaza has all kinds of new restaurants, and we’re one quadrant of that, and we think kind of under-energized,” Wisniewski said.

Right now, those stores include a bank and some retailers. They could be relocated nearby, like Serendipity, an accessories store now in its fifth year in Market Square.

“Listen, our name of the store is Serendipity. If that’s the way it’s supposed to happen, that’s the way it’s supposed to happen,” said Peter Coppola, of Serendipity. “We’ll go from there; can’t worry about that right now.”

The nearby PPG Wintergarden could also see change.

“A lot of times of the year that’s under-utilized, so our whole view at this point is how else can we take advantage of that space,” Wisniewski said.

Highwoods may also upgrade its food court, unchanged in 30 years, to attract Market Square users especially on cold and rainy days.

“It needs some physical improvements that we’re looking at at this point, and again, there has been all kinds of ideas,” added Wisniewski.

One possibility would be to replace the food court with an urban grocery store; not the traditional grocery store, but one that would cater to the tens of thousands of people who use Market Square and work in Downtown Pittsburgh and the 7,000 strong who live there.

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