PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With the flu in full swing, a local sanitizing company is busy.

“A lot of the individual homes, we have people calling in. We also have some nursing homes, senior assisted living,” says A.J. Powell of Bactronix.

This less-than-a-year-old company approaches microbes, like the influenza virus, not with chemicals and traditional cleaners, like bleach, peroxide or alcohol…

“Since they’re bacteria, they tend to morph. They get stronger. And you get the different resistant bacteria in the environment,” says Powell.

Instead, a mist of nanoparticles coats a room’s surfaces – even hard to reach places.

The particles are like magnets to the microorganisms. They carry a biochemically-generated electric shock and disrupt the germs, making them unable to infect or reproduce.

Before and after treatment, they check the bacterial counts on frequently touched surfaces.

“Doorknobs, keyboards, even the chairs, you think the armrests are contaminated. They are, but it’s always the backs of the chairs you’re moving around,” Powell continues.

They do notice a decrease. Whether this decrease translates to less sickness, such as actual flu cases, has not been systematically tracked.

“We have people that call us or send us emails saying, boy, there’s less coughing around here, our facility smells better,” says Powell.

The company has residential and commercial clients, such as used car dealers and airlines.

And depending on the space, it can cost 27 cents to $1.50 a square foot. They are hoping gyms and local schools give their system a try.

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