PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Lance Armstrong finally admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired Thursday night, but some local cyclists were not impressed.

Paul Diegelman and Hy Simhan are amateur competitive cyclists. Glenn Pawlak used to be a cyclist, but he now owns Big Bang Bicycles in West Mifflin.

All three men say Armstrong isn’t the only cyclist to be involved in doping, but they say his case is particularly awful.

While Diegelman was initially critical of Winfrey conducting the interview, by the end, he thought she asked some tough questions.

Pawlak has met Armstrong before and said he thought Armstrong looked nervous and tense during the interview.

Although Armstrong admitted to a lot in a series of yes-and-no questions from Winfrey, Simhan would have liked to hear an apology to the people who were hurt by the doping. He says Armstrong fell short of delivering that.

Part 2 of the interview airs Friday night on the OWN Network.

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