PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you’ve been outside, it’s not a place you want to stay for very long today.

This kind of cold can be dangerous, but some people have to be outside in the elements.

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This morning, Pittsburgh looked like a town full of bandits – folks covering their faces to protect themselves from the cold.

You can’t even say this weather is for the birds. Some pigeons in the Hill District wanted no parts of flying. They puffed up and chilled. While we humans, we just piled on the clothes.

“I got layers upon layers on,” said Ryan Calfo, who is working outside today. “A mask on, a hat on and another jacket.”

“I got three sweatshirts on under this,” said David Kopman, a student.

“[I] put on three jackets,” said Devonta Wilder, another student. “It’s really cold.”

But not everyone was bundled up.

KDKA’s Ross Guidotti: “John, where’s your hat?”

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John Martine: “I actually have a ski mask and welders hood in my pocket. I was wearing earlier.”

Several students were trucking a cardboard boat they made for a school competition through Oakland this morning. That was a one day thing, but for people like Calfo and Ted Anderson, they have to work in this kind of weather every day in the winter. But they got this cold thing down.

Guidotti: “You’re not cold at all?”

Calfo: “Little bit, but they say the warmth is in the tools.”

“They got heaters inside. We just keep jumping in and out,” added Anderson. “Just keep moving.”

But still, it’s not like these guys look forward to this kind of struggle. As a matter of fact, if Anderson could be anywhere right now, he says he would go someplace warm.

“That would have to be the Bahamas,” he told KDKA.

When it comes to cold weather preparedness, the old adage of loose, light, layered and dry applies. And if you can, by all means just stay inside.

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