By John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As a way of saying sorry for the NHL lockout, the Penguins are offering fans some sweet deals.

Penguins merchandise is half-off for the first four home games and altogether, people have been buying hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff.

But the alluring deals have created some problems.

Some people waited in line for hours Monday, in order to nab their finds.

In an effort to make things smoother though, officials are making some changes.

“We weren’t quite prepared for the number of folks who were going to go to that satellite center on the South Side,” a store official said.

Some fans waited up to two hours to pay at the South Side store’s single register. Some adjustments have been made though.

“We have additional points of sale they are mobile devices over there, we have one physical register and we have mobile devices where we can transact quicker,” the store official said.

While the South Side store is fully set up for Tuesday, crews at Consol were working as fast as they could to get the merchandise up and ready. They were stockpiling even more in the storage area, so that they could restock as necessary.

Angie Barone of Whitehall and Paulette Barry of Jefferson Hills were also ready to use their 50 percent off coupons they got in the cup holder of their club level seats last Wednesday.

“I think it’s wonderful it gives me a lot of opportunity to buy for myself and for gifts,” Barrone said.

“It’s just what the Penguins do,” Barry said. “They are just first-class people.”

Officials said in many cases, the stores are making no money, some are even losing money.

“But for us, we wanted to make sure Penguins fans know how much we appreciate the support that they have for this team,” the store official said.

So Tuesday they are doing it again.

The stores on the South Side and at Consol open at 10 a.m. and will offer the same 50 percent discount for the next two games.

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