WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) – Police say a Washington County man escaped from a holding cell at the Smith Township police station and decided to celebrate by having a beer at a nearby bar.

According to police documents, Timothy Bonner was being processed on an assault charge when the escape happened.

They say officers removed his handcuffs, and put him in a holding cell. While the officers were typing up paperwork, they say Bonner was yelling obscenities at them. A few minutes later, they heard a large bang, and say Bonner had knocked the cell doors off its hinges and made a run for it out the back door of the police station.

Officers immediately began searching the area, and developed a lead that Bonner was at a nearby bar.

That’s where they found Bonner, sitting at Richy’s bar drinking a beer.

He was re-arrested and taken back to the Smith Township Police Department.

Bonner is now facing additional charges, and remains in the Washington County Jail on $10,000 bond.

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