PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The blizzard that’s pounding the northeast from New York to Boston is hundreds of miles away from Pittsburgh, but it’s still affecting people from our area.

With airports shutdown, some people from Western Pennsylvania are unable to get home.

And there are also plenty of former Pittsburghers who now live in New England.

Marlin Collingwood used to live in the Mexican War Streets on Pittsburgh’s North Side, but now lives a few miles north of Boston.

“We’re waiting for the thunder snow to arrive, which they tell us is now on the south shore, which is thunder and lighting and that’s when we’re going to get three or four inches an hour,” said Collingwood.

He says the streets are totally empty, and in fact, the governor there has ordered people off the roads or they could face a $500 fine and a year in jail.

In East Lyme, Conn., snow is also flying. That’s where Chuck Massung lives. He’s originally from McKeesport.

Knowing he might be trapped inside for a while, he went to the grocery store before the storm started.

“It was like a mad house!” said Massung. “The stores were crowded and the gas stations had lines to get gasoline. And today they were out of gasoline, a lot of them.”

Impact Of Northeast Blizzard Being Felt Locally (2/8/13)
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