PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you want to do a little acting, this could be your chance.

American Eagle Outfitters, which is headquartered on Pittsburgh’s South Side, wants to film some shows and is looking for Pittsburghers.

Some of the programs will be shown inside the company, but at least two of the series are expected to be put on social media or the company’s website.

Ellen Gallerini from American Eagle explained the plans for some of the show.

“There’s going to be a show that’s more sitcom-feely,” she said. “It’s going to be about six different shoppers who are all somehow connected, but you don’t really get the reveal until the end.”

She says they also plan to have a “Mythbusters-style show,” which is a documentary show called “Behind the Jeans;” and a twice-weekly fashion news show.

They’re looking for actors, program hosts and behind-the-scenes people.

Everyone must be 18 or older.

Casting director Jessica Lewis says they aren’t just looking for model-types.

“It would be all types of people,” said Lewis. “There are quirky characters. There’s a huge range characters. We don’t want just a tall skinny blonde whatever.”

Logan Clark from AE says filming will take place in local stores and on a sound stage.

He says while they hope actual AE customers and local college students will apply, there are many spots to fill.

“It’s also for the mom who wants to get away from the kids in the afternoon, and she wants a bit part,” said Clark. “Or the dad who wants something different to do on the weekends. We’ve worked with grandmas and uncles and brothers and sisters.”

People who are interested, can contact AE at casting@ae.com and include a recent photo, resume, contact information and a link to any work you may have done.

They will contact people they want to call in for an audition on Thursday, Feb. 28.

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