PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Taking private problems and disputes and playing them out in the national spotlight is not the style of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, that’s what’s happening this off-season, and another key player is now talking about the recent LaMarr Woodley incident.

Larry Foote took to 93-7 “The Fan” on Tuesday to say he is tired of watching some of his teammates become too friendly with members of the Steelers’ biggest rival, the Baltimore Ravens.

This year in fact, a few of them made their way to the Baltimore locker room just moments after a loss.

Ryan Clark went public with his disapproval of players speaking anonymously about Woodley’s weight problem, which the unnamed player said was directly traceable to bad workout habits.

And then Wednesday, on ESPN’s “First Take,” it was Antonio Brown’s turn.

“Our team was a team last year where guys [weren’t] really together, and as we know in the NFL, you’ve got to have a band of brothers. Everyone’s got to be together and it’s got to fizzle down from the leadership,” said Brown. “And for guys that throw a guy like LaMarr Woodley – a Pro Bowl player – under the bus, it just shows you the men we had in our locker room.”

So now, it’s Brown talking publicly about an internal problem; and a big one, factions operating within the locker room, which speaks to a lack of leadership.

“If you’re going to speak out about something, be a man and claim it; you know, don’t go in a newspaper speaking out about our Pro Bowl linebacker and not mentioning your name; then, other guys supporting it,” Brown added. “It goes to show you that we weren’t a team in 2012. Those are some of the things we’ve got to iron out.”

One thing Brown can iron out himself, running 20 yards backwards into the end zone, which speaks of selfishness. And what about two critical fumbles played big factors in two of the Steelers eight losses.

The Steelers have got some work to do.

Meanwhile, the Steelers are making their way to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine which starts Saturday and ends next Tuesday.

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