PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When President Obama made a sweeping endorsement for gun restrictions, his words rang out like gunfire for some; many believing they would be left unarmed or unable to buy guns or ammunition.

“There might be a day when I can’t, so I will get it while I can and sit on it,” said Bryan Kroh of Brighton Heights.

And that gun enthusiast is not alone.

Gun shops like Braverman’s in Wilkinsburg are running low. Just ask the manager, Keith Savage.

“There has been a large increase in the purchase of ammunition right now, and it’s getting just like handguns, the revolver, we are struggling to get stuff in,” said Savage.

He says guns and ammunition are flying off the shelves and sales are across the board, regardless of caliber.

Savage says, “.9, .40 and .45 followed by .38, .357 and .380 – those six are six of the top 10. I am currently out of full metal jacket .9s.”

At this point, Savage says he is restricting how much customers can buy.

“We just said you can’t buy any more than 100 rounds,” he said. “If you buy a gun from us, we may allow you an extra 50 rounds.”

And Braverman’s isn’t the only gun store doing that. Last month, Walmart stores limited sales to three boxes of ammunition per day, per customer while supplies last.

Savage says another thing he has noticed is not as many people are selling their old guns. They are holding on to them and it has even become more difficult to buy gun powder, casings and bullet heads.

“Even the components for people who make their own ammunition have become scarce as well,” Savage said.

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