PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – NASCAR is paving the way for more minorities in racing both figuratively and literally with federal tax breaks.

Tribune-Review sports writer Ralph Paulk has seen the changes among minorities in sports – especially in professional racing.

Paulk says the historically white sports franchise is starting to change as more emphasis is placed on including minorities.

Both NASCAR fans and drivers have always been primarily white, but Paulk says the franchise has brought in more minorities in recent years with its diversity program.

Now there are three African American drivers, as well as a female driver and NASCAR is trying to bring in more people, including a prominent Japanese driver, Paulk said.

“NASCAR, I think, has made some progress,” he said.

Over the next five years, NASCAR is also expected to get roughly $150 million in tax breaks – meaning taxpayers will be footing the bill for new racetracks and other improvements.

Paulk says that NASCAR officials say they don’t need the money, but are still taking it because they can.

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