PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With poll numbers showing Governor Tom Corbett’s job approval low and his re-election uncertain next year, it was fair for KDKA political editor Jon Delano to ask the governor:

Delano: “Any possibility that you might decide not to run for re-election?”

Corbett: “I have no intention of breaking tradition. That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.”

Delano: “And that tradition is that you run for reelection and you win?”

Corbett: “That’s right.”

Delano: “Polls suggest that only 31 percent of Pennsylvanians think you deserve reelection. Does that trouble you?”

Corbett: “No.”

A candid Corbett says he understands why some folks are unhappy.

“We’ve had to do some very, very difficult things. We had to reduce spending,” said Corbett. “We had to come in and say ‘no’ to my predecessor who said ‘yes’ all the time. And as you know, it’s very difficult to tell people ‘no.'”

Saying he was elected to make tough decisions, the governor said he’s not worried about challengers next year.

“You can’t worry about whether someone is going to run against you or not,” he said.

And that includes a challenge within his own Republican Party from Montgomery County commissioner and former district attorney Bruce Castor.

“Bruce Castor was a majority commissioner in Montgomery County,” Corbett said. “He’s now a minority commissioner in Montgomery County. His performance has not been the most to talk about.”

But castor came within 52,000 votes of beating Corbett in 2004 for the Republican nomination for Attorney General.
“He’s always wanted my job,” retorted Corbett.

Corbett insists he’ll win reelection because he’s delivered on his basic campaign pledge.

“I said, less taxes more jobs,” he said. “Well, we’ve reduced taxes in Pennsylvania and we have more jobs in Pennsylvania.”
But the governor acknowledges he hasn’t always communicated well.

“We’re doing the right things,” he said. “We got to get the message out.”

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