PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Beaver County’s Quigley Catholic High School won the state mock trial competition Saturday — and has the most wins in state history.

An official with the school, Michael Rubino describes Quigley as a “powerhouse for a decade and a half,” at the annual competition sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. The PBA has sponsored the competition for the past 30 years.

Two schools compete in the “trial” and both are told what the case is, but don’t know if they’ll be playing the side of the defense or prosecution until it begins.

In the mock trial, there are three witnesses and three lawyers on either side, Rubino says.

Members of the bar association also play a part – making up members of the jury.

Students are then judged based on their performance in different aspects of the trial, including their opening statement, questioning and cross-examination.

Rubino said he was proud of his students’ effort and that they spent five to six hours a day preparing for the Mock Trial.

“Quigley is a small, but powerful school,” Rubino said.

There are 311 high schools across the state that have mock trial teams, but no school has won more than Quigley High School.

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