PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) -What do the mayoral candidates think about Nate Harper and the problems facing the Pittsburgh Police Department and what needs to be done to move the city forward?

Mayoral hopefuls Bill Peduto, Michael Lamb, Jack Wagner and Rep. Jake Wheatley all addressed Harper and what needs to be done to help the city move on and what they will bring to the office of the mayor.

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Councilman Bill Peduto talked about knowing Harper and what most people believe in City Hall.

“It’s a terrible way to see a guy – who dedicated his life to public service – leave,” Peduto said.

Peduto thinks that moving the city away from the questions over many issues and decisions that have been made in the mayor’s office will be a good start to moving the city forward and making the communities of Pittsburgh even better.

Controller Michael Lamb also gave his thoughts on the Harper situation and how the trust of the citizens has been violated.

“It’s very disappointing, but also kind of embarrassing because it’s embarrassing to everyone in the bureau obviously, but it’s embarrassing to anyone that works for the government,” Lamb said.

Lamb went on to talk about how we need to help struggling neighborhoods and give some added attention to the areas that need help and bring equality to all the communities in the city.

One of the first things that needs to be addressed are the public schools, which will help kids and the area at the same time.

Wagner, when asked about Harper said,“He had a good career until this series of incidents.”

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Wagner talked about how he has always wanted to serve from his beginnings in the Marines to his time as auditor general and becoming mayor is no different.

“To become mayor of Pittsburgh would be an honor because I realize the people of Pittsburgh would become my boss,” Wagner said.

He also spoke on the checks and balances that the government needs and that the city hasn’t had. He also said how the city needs to work together with businesses to workers and all the great foundations the city has to help the city grow.

Wagner feels that government needs to be able to keep up.

Rep. Wheatley also weighed in on the Harper situation.

“The fact that there’s a culture that even made it easier for not only Chief Harper, but others to function in this manner is the problem,” Wheatley said.

Rep. Wheatley emphasized that government has to be there for the citizens of the city and the region. He believes that his experience over the last 10 years has taught him well about how to be a part of and work well together with the community.

After talking about his time in the Marines, he said that he learned if we stay positive and focus, we will come out on top.

Listen to the interview here:

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