By Jessica Berardino

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – With many states agreeing that a homosexual relationship can be considered a marriage, the question rises if they are married does that mean they are suitable parents? Many gay couples want to adopt children because they are ready to nurture another person together.

On Friday, the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that they agree with same sex marriage adoptions. They believe that a home gives the child a sense of security and guarantees them certain rights that come along with living in a family. Further, they explain that while foster homes are exceptional, they’re not ideal for a child who is in need of stability in their life.

Dr. Anna McManus-Gay is a family therapist and the director of the Stepfamily Connection of the North Hills.

Dr. Gay joined NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Mike Pintek to agree that gay couples adopting is a great idea and is in the best interest of the child to have a home. She agreed that children having a home with a family helps the their development and increases our population.

“So many children are waiting for adoption or foster care, in need of the love of a family,” said Dr. Gay. “If a gay couple qualifies for adoption then let them do it for the children.”

She also addressed the issue of how the child’s personality will develop with two of the same sex parents. Dr. Gay states that all the children she has seen are well adjusted into a loving family. One difference she states is that some children ask that although they are not embarrassed of their parents, they do not want them to come out until after they have left high school.

Many single family homes either have a mother or a father who might have children of the opposite gender. Most families have a close friend or family member who is there to teach the boy or girl how to develop.

“Even single family homes are missing a parent,” said Dr. Gay. “These families have same gender role models for their child.”

She explains that these children love their parents but don’t want their friends to know. For example, a poor child in a rich area doesn’t want to seem poor to his rich friends. They don’t want to look different from their peers.

“As long as it’s a secure and stable and loving environment for the child,” said Dr. Gay. “These children do not grow up with problems, or to be gay or to be psychologically damaged in any way.”

Dr. Gay says that many children of gay couples, came from a heterosexual couple from one of the partners.

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