PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man charged in the murder of his father and stepmother tried to revoke his no contest plea today in court, but prosecutors say his motives are suspect.

Colin Abbott told Butler County Judge William Shaffer that had he taken the full 10 days to think about his plea in the murder case involving his father and stepmother, rather than face sentencing the next day, he never would have agreed to plea. He claims he was pressured to plea.

But prosecutor Ben Simon gave the judge nine jailhouse phone call tapes in which Abbott and his birth mother, Debbie Buchanan, talked about potential book deals.

Prosecutors think that’s the real reason for the attempt to change the plea.

“There was no indication on those calls that he faced a manifest injustice,” said prosecutor Ben Simon.

Here are two of those conversations. The first:
Abbott: “It’s a publicity start in the right direction for you; possibly for a book, possibly for other things, you know?

Buchanan: “Yeah.”

Abbott: “I just want you to get your money back, that’s all I’m trying to say.”

Buchanan: “I understand.”

The second:
Abbott: “I guess to start the ball rolling, I would just email to say my son wants to pull his plea and let’s just see what chaos it starts.”

Buchanan: “OK.”

Buchanan admits she is considering a book deal.

“I am talking to people about a book deal. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I am a writer. That’s not why he wants to change his plea. He was under a lot of pressure,” says Buchanan.

Meanwhile, defense attorney Wendy Williams asked the judge to withdraw from the case since Abbott claims he pressured her.

“I helped save Colin Abbott’s life,” said Williams.

Judge Shaffer has yet to rule on either Abbott’s or Williams’ motions.

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