PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Dr. Pifer hosted Medical Frontiers and talked to West Penn Allegheny Health System Vascular Surgeon Dr. Carlos Rosales to talk about vascular surgery.

Blood clots symptoms include swelling and pain — and prolonged inactivity can cause blood clots.  Blood circulation is key to preventing blood clots.  The doctors recommend taking time to walk around while on long trips on airplanes, or pulling over and getting out of your car to walk on long car rides.

Dr. Carlos Rosales explained the three major risk factors that cause vascular issues, those risk factors are smoking, diabetes and obesity.  Rosales stressed the relation to using cigarettes,  saying, “over 90 percent” of the patients he operates on are smokers.

Aneurysms were also discussed and Rosales explained the procedure once abdominal aneurysms are detected.  After the initial discovery of the abdominal aneurysm, the doctors schedule a follow-up appointment for six months later, and yearly follow ups after that.

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