PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Testimony resumed Thursday in the trial for third member of a family charged in connection with the death of a 92-year-old woman in a plot to steal her money.

Former Monongahela Police officer, David J. McClelland, is on trial in Washington County for murder, burglary and conspiracy in the death of Evelyn Stepko two years ago in California, Pa.

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His father, David A. McClelland, pleaded guilty to killing Stepko, and his stepmother, Diane, was convicted of conspiracy.

During Thursday’s testimony, a recording of David J. McClelland being interrogated by state police was played.

McClelland: I confronted him in February of this year.

State police: About what?

McClelland: About where the money was coming from and he admitted to me that he was stealing it from…

State police: From?

McClelland: Miss Evelyn.

State police: Take note Evelyn is the victim in this incident. After that conversation how did that conversation go? What do you recall saying and his response back to you?

McClelland: I just asked him where the money was coming from and he told me he was stealing it from up there and I told him that he shouldn’t and that he needs to stop doing that. It needs to be…he has to stop.

State police: And what did he say?

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McClelland: He said that he’d never do it again.

State police: Did he do it ever again?

McClelland: I believe yes he had.

State police: Did you take the money that we spoke of earlier from your dad from that conversation in February I believe you said. Did you take further money from your dad since that point?

McClelland: Yes.

State police: Yes, you did. And did you know where it came from?

McClelland: I did.

State police: Where was that from?

McClelland: It was from when he did that burglary.

State police: From when you were aware of it?

McClelland: From when I found out about it.

Investigators say McClelland’s story changed every time he talked with police. The jury is expected to hear more police conversations as the trial continues.

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