PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020)-This week’s edition of Medical Frontiers focuses on Arthroscopic Hip and Shoulder Surgery.

Host Dr. Gerald Pifer spoke with West Penn Hospital Orthopaedic Surgeon John Christoforetti who specializes in joint preservation therapies.

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In the 1990’s, hip operation advancements in Switzerland treated hip problems without creating even more damage to the joint. This type of arthroscopic surgery made its way over to the United States. Today, orthopaedic surgeons use this type of joint surgery for patients who have unhealthy joints such as joints with an odd structure or arthritis issues.

Dr. Christoforetti said that if a patient is not able to enjoy activities like they used to or cannot move around, then one should look  into total hip replacement surgery. He said, “Usually, the metal on plastic implant lasts for about ten years and most patients never regret the operation.”

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One other alternative surgery for those with joints that have a “pothole loss of cartilage,” according to Dr. Christoforetti, “may be the injection of stem cells which can help stimulate growth of the cartilage around the joint.”

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