PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The jury hearing the case of a former police officer accused of conspiring with his family to steal money from an elderly neighbor who was murdered, saw new videotapes of his interrogation by police on Monday.

In one video, David J. McClelland told police he never asked his father to buy the house he lived in.

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Previous testimony indicated his father and step-mother bought the house in cash. An interrogator asked, “How much did the house cost?”

McClelland: I believe he told me I think he paid $10,000 for it.

Interrogator: Now, when did you approach him about buying the house for you?

McClelland: He, when I, I never asked him to buy that house. He bought that house to fix it up and rent it out. I needed somewhere to stay and I asked my dad and I moved into the house for a little bit.

Interrogator: So he buys the house, you say, ‘Dad, where did you get that money?’

McClelland: I didn’t ask him. I’d seen the money that he had it there. I figured that’s where he got the money from.

Interrogator: But you knew that money came from Evelyn?

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McClelland: Yes.

In another video, it was clear that police were frustrated that McClelland was not forthcoming in just what he knew and when he knew it.

During the first hour of his interrogation, when asked how his father got into Stepko’s house, McClelland replied, “No idea.”

By the third hour of questioning, McClelland admitted his father told him he entered through a basement window. His questioners became agitated that he was not forthcoming with his answers.

“Didn’t I just sit here and go through this with you, Dave? You understand why I’m getting a little frustrated and a little tired of this,” said the detective.

On the stand Monday, McClelland also testified that he did not commit the burglaries, nor did he help his father plan them and did not go into Stepko’s house.

Closing arguments will be heard in the case Tuesday.

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