By Chris Moore

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – John Rasmus hold a doctorate in political economy and is the author of “The War At Home” and he joined Chris Moore to talk about America’s financial issues.

Rasmus explains that what we are doing now is not working, and it’s hurting average Americans.

“The two main policies since 2008 that the government has been creating, is making Main Street pay,” Rasmus said.

Rasmus cited Social Security, pay wage taxes, and Medicare taxes that have increased and are not benefiting the people who need it.

Rasmus believes President Obama is making the same mistakes as politicians in the past and will get blamed for their and his own mistakes.  He believes Obama will be blamed specifically for the Social Security cuts.

Rasmus offered a possible solution for the financial issues at hand today. His solution was to organize grassroots clubs from local change to national change.

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