LATROBE (KDKA) — Wesley Quicquaro was born to love books.

His parents, Rochelle and Jon, were on their way to Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital Thursday morning, but didn’t quite make it.

“We headed up Route 30, got about half way here, and I told him there is no way we’re gonna make it to the hospital,” said Rochelle.

Jon called 911 as he pulled into the Barnes & Noble parking lot, and rushed to his wife’s side.

“I thought at first maybe he was just going to hang out with me until ambulance got there, but Wes had other plans for that,” Rochelle said.

Little Wesley, all seven pounds, 11 ounces of him, arrived just five minutes later, right into his father’s arms.

Jon missed the birth of his daughter, Maci, two years ago while serving in the Navy. He hoped to be here for little Wesley’s arrival, but never expected to have a hands on role.

“Once the pushing really amped up, and then it was just us and our instincts,” said Jon.

Rochelle and Jon thought they had prepared for everything, but say they never could have prepared for this.

“All the baby books and stuff that we went through and read and everything like that, I don’t remember one page explaining anything about delivering a baby in your car,” said Jon. “We might have to write that one.”

But for now, there hands are full with little Wesley.

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