By Jessica Berardino

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – With the addition of websites for newspapers, television and radio stations, everyone is competing with each other to publish the information first. Newspapers rely on subscribing to digital news sites that have proven to be credible to gather their information for re-posting to their site.

But, sometimes even those sites come up with the wrong information. The responsibility lies with the audience to make their own judgement about the validity of the breaking news.

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“In the light of this terrible tragedy, with every news man rushing to get a story, plus the addition of the Facebook users and Twitter users posting to their pages as the story develops, there was a lot of confusion in this story,” said TV media analyst, Al Primo. He is an Edward R. Murrow and Peabody Award recipient, referred to as the “Eyewitness News Man.”

Mike Pintek attempts to give journalists the benefit of the doubt when reporting on breaking news.

“In the heat of the moment some of the information isn’t always accurate,” said Pintek. “It’s not possible to get the information right the first time, but you should continue to update as the information comes in.”

Primo responds that he is a believer of free press in the news media, but he is also a believer of checking your facts.

“I don’t think trying to impress your news management team by publishing information first is right,” said Primo. “Being ahead isn’t worth miss-information.”

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Primo and Pintek discussed Detroit’s Daily News article on how to build a bomb out of a pressure cooker. Earlier, Primo remarked that yes he supports free press but now states he doesn’t agree with this publication.

“Information is available all over the Internet to build this kind of bomb,” said Primo. “But if I was in charge, we never would have published the information all over our website and front page.”

According to Primo, sources are responsible to check and double check their information. Sometimes that might mean coming in second, but at least the information will be accurate. He understands that ratings mean money for news-businesses, but all journalists should use responsible reporting on every story.

“There are other ways to be number one, like how you write and put a story together,” said Primo. “You don’t have to be first.”

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