Growing up in the Southside of Pittsburgh, Cory volunteered at Market House in keeping kids active through a variety of sports. For at least 10 years, Cory has coached ball hockey for kids and young adults from communities throughout the Pittsburgh region. His coaching ventures have allowed his players from the area to travel to ball hockey tournaments throughout the United States, Canada, and even Austria. These trips are not free, and oftentimes through Mr. Herschk’s fundraising efforts, these trips are discounted for his team. Cory and his teams have collected multiple championships and consistently show great sportsmanship and teamwork. He has also participated in several clinics for teaching youth ball hockey in the region.

Currently, Cory is a teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. He teaches 3rd grade at a school in East Liberty. His dedication to his career and his students is incredible. His students gleam with pride as they discuss geometric shapes in the hallway on the way to their next class, and the next group of students awaiting his presence is noticeably excited to walk into his “Math Kingdom.” Mr. Herschk also organizes the school’s afterschool tutoring, boys’ and girls’ basketball, and co-ed floor hockey programs, in which approximately 170 students are involved. These programs are at little or no cost to families at the school.

Cory Herschk never needs recognition for any of the programs he leads, and more than likely, he would attribute his success to the kids, parents, or volunteers that dedicated time to his multiple programs. However, he does not realize without his dedication, loyalty, and enthusiasm throughout these endeavors, none of these experiences would be possible for all involved. Cory Herschk is truly a Community All-Star.

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