PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – After a week of chaos, Boston can finally feel a sense of relief.

KDKA’s Rob Pratte tried to understand the chaos with a panel of experts on his show. From a former CSI investigator, to an attorney, Rob examined the various aspects of the crime and trial to follow.

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Former CSI investigator, who has done profiling for years, was asked if the perpetrators are terrorists.

“Without a doubt they’re terrorists,” he said. He added that the situation in Boston is unprecedented because they, “shut down a city,” and that it was necessary.

Sam Rosenberg who is a national security expert, said that the two suspects are, “probably more of a grassroots kind of terrorist movement.”

He also said that they aren’t connected to a terrorist organization, but have the same mentality. Rosenberg added that citizens shouldn’t take matters into their own hands when they think they see something suspicious, but should be the “eyes and ears” so they can alert authorities if they do.

John Hudson, a former Secret Service agent said that suspect number one, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was interrogated by the FBI in 2011 because he was suspected of having ties to terrorists then.

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“They had their reasons for letting him go,” Hudson said.

Hudson added from his perspective the suspects were, “well trained to be able to stay undercover for as long as they did.”

Some are asking what difficulties there will be in trying to prosecute 19-year old bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the United States. Attorney Jim Ross told Rob that the suspect being a foreigner doesn’t mean anything.

“Like anyone else charged with a crime in the United States is entitled to due process,” he said. “The difficultly with this case, it’s played out on the media over the last several days where everyone has seen this scenario unfold.”

Ross also said what makes America a great county is that no matter how bad the crime, the suspect is still entitled to his day in court.

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