WEST END (KDKA) – Pittsburgh firefighters responded to a 911 call about a gas leak Monday morning at the Chartiers Early Childhood Center.

The facility is located on Chartiers Avenue in the West End.

Shanell Wade said she made the call after smelling a strong odor this morning.

“I entered the building to see for myself. The smell of the gas was overwhelming. It instantly made my eyes water,” Wade said.

Another parent, who did not want to be identified, said she was sickened by the odor.

“It was so strong to the point you walk up the building and your eyes start burning and watering,” they said.

Wade said she first noticed the odor last week, but wasn’t taking any chances this morning.

“Common sense just told me to remove my kids from the situation and being that there were other kids still in the building, I was more concerned about their welfare,” Wade said.

A spokesperson for Columbia Gas said the leak was an internal problem caused by a faulty boiler. She said the boilers were red tagged, meaning it’s the school district’s responsibility to fix it.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the school board said the boiler had a faulty tube last week, which was repaired.

Today, they discovered that same boiler had a broken valve, but it was shut down and should be repaired by Tuesday.


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