PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Cab service here in Pittsburgh is going high-tech.

There’s now a fast and convenient way to pay for your trip without having to carry cash.

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Cab customers are now able to swipe and go, thanks to new devices called Taxi Magic.

The Pittsburgh Transportation Group has already installed the machines in almost all of its 325 yellow and city cabs.

The devices give customers the option to pay with debit or credit and right from the back seat, without ever handing a card to the driver.

“Not only do they take credit cards and debit cards, they make the whole taxi cab Wi-Fi, so your trip in from the airport or a long trip, you can fire up your computer,” Jamie Campolongo from the Pittsburgh Transportation Group said.

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Besides the convenience for customers being able to use debit or credit, it’s also a win for the drivers. They are able to get people in and out faster and some are getting bigger tips.

“It actually walks you through the steps and it tells you you can leave gratuity, gives you the amount of what you like to leave and you just hit three buttons and you’re on your way basically,” driver David Farrell said.

When the screen isn’t displaying payment information, advertisements run.

Eventually, there will be messages welcoming people to the city and highlighting points of interest.

It’s not all about the convenience and promoting the city, the new machines will hopefully help keep the drivers safe.

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“The more we can have people use the credit card machine, the less cash the drivers have, they’re less of a target for getting robbed and things like that,” Campolongo said.