PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) — The crowded North Hall of the Javits Center that houses the New York International Auto Show was buzzing late last month as the automotive world was gathered to take a look at the refreshed 2014 Camaro.

Not many standing there knew that in just a few minutes the high performance world would be set on its ear as Chevy would not only introduce a new Camaro but also a revived Z-28 as well!

The iconic alpha numeric combination brings a smile to any auto enthusiasts face especially ones who were around when the Z first rolled off of the assembly line in 1967.

The 302 cubic inch engine headed up a package that many think was the most race ready car you could buy off of a showroom floor.

Horsepower was rated at 290 but was said to be north of 350 making the small block engine one of the first to produce more than one hp per cubic inch. As time rolled on and muscle cars were more of an afterthought due to insurance regulations and fuel consumption concerns, the Z survived more as a nameplate than a performance car and finally was put out of its misery.

That’s why so many were excited as the new Z-28 rolled out of the backstage snarling and revving its engine. It sounded like the real thing…It looked like the real thing and according to what General Motors North America President Mark Reuss told us in this exclusive interview on Drivetime,  it will be no holds barred bringing back the glory of the real thing:

The new Z-28 will use the Corvette Racing developed LS7 427 cubic inch engine that should produce well over 500HP off the showroom floor.

Photo Credit:General Motors

Photo Credit:General Motors

It will be available with a 6 speed manual transmission only and several steps have been taken to make the car as light as possible. Air Conditioning will be the only option available.

Pittsburgh Chevy dealer Tom Henry of Tom Henry Chevrolet says that having a “halo” car like the z-28 is not only good for his performance addicted customers but for the rest of the line as well as it shows what Chevy can do and builds traffic in the showroom among all types of car buyers.

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