WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — A trial continues for the Westmoreland County man accused of murdering three of his family members because they didn’t approve of his girlfriend.

Jurors heard from a jailhouse witness who says Kevin Murphy confessed to the murders.

John Meighan says Murphy told him that his girlfriend helped to plot the murders and even helped him come up with an alibi.

Meighan got to know Kevin Murphy at the Westmoreland County jail and the two would walk around their block together, talking about life.

Meighan says Murphy confessed to killing his mother Doris, his sister Kris, and his aunt Edith.

After the confession, Meighan explained why he contacted the District Attorney’s office.

“Murphy’s girlfriend was involved in it and [Meighan] didn’t understand why she wasn’t arrested as well,” Meighan says. “I don’t think Kevin would have done this if it wasn’t for her.'”

Prosecutors allege that Murphy killed his family members because they didn’t approve of his relationship with a married woman.

According to Meighan, the woman would meet with Murphy five times a week in the Giant Eagle parking lot in New Kensington.

Meighan says Murphy and the woman plotted the murders collectively.

“She wanted to move in with him and they wanted to be together,” Meighan adds. “She was sick and tired of sneaking around.”

The woman and her three children moved in with Murphy shortly after the murders and the two got engaged.

Murphy’s attorneys spent a good portion of the afternoon pointing out inconsistencies in the Meighan’s testimony.

Attorneys say Meighan knows details about Kevin Murphy’s personal life but doesn’t seem to know much about the murders.

Kevin Murphy faces three counts of first degree murder.

He could be sentenced to death if he is convicted.


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