PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) –  A recently released survey reveals 70% of adult children don’t want their parents moving in with them. It’s all part of a new study by Visiting Angels, one the largest in-home senior care in the US.

KDKA-AM’s Larry, John, and Lifestyle Editor Shelley Duffy talked about the survey, and shared their thoughts on their own parents moving in with them.

“I love my mom and dad, but oh… oh no,” says Shelley. “The last time I visited my mom in Butler was around Easter weekend, and here’s what I drove up to- my mother sitting out on the front porch in a bedazzled bikini top and shorts sunning herself. I said to my daughter, ‘there’s Grandma.” That’s what I’m dealing with.”

The study continues on to say that if adult children had to choose, 67% would overwhelmingly choose to move in their mom over their dad. Most of the 1,100 people polled say Mom would help more with cooking, cleaning and the kids, while Dad has worse hygiene, is lazier and sloppier, and is more likely to say inappropriate things.

“Dad’s useless,” joked Shelley. “My dad passes gas a lot. He’ll start in the dining room to get the paper, and ‘go’ all the way until he reaches the bathroom.”

Those surveyed are also worried that their sex life would be affected by mom and/or dad moving, but Shelley jokes that she might have the opposite problem.

“I live with two cats, and I’d be more worried about my parents doing it more.”

Listen to the audio for the full conversation and more about the survey.