PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Construction on Route 28 is in full swing and beginning Friday night, one change will dramatically impact southbound traffic headed towards the city.

South of the 40th Street Bridge and beyond the Old Millvale Industrial Park site, south bound traffic will remain two lanes, but they won’t be together.

“One lane is going remain where it currently is— the other is going to go down in the dip underneath the 31st Street Bridge,” says PennDOT’s Jim Struzzi.

The split is necessary to give contractors more room to work around the 31st Street Bridge intersection.

As you approach the decision point, there is no need for jockeying lanes.

In this case, both lanes are equal.

“There is no decision point to make because there is nowhere to turn. So, if you go right or left–you are going to end up in the same place,” Struzzi says.

No matter which way you go, get ready to ride in a bobsled chute.

“It’s about 11 to 12 feet and it’s very narrow, it’s a very real feeling when people get in there,” Struzzi adds.

The temporary change-over will be in place by Saturday night.

“We want to get to the situation where we have both lanes down into the valley and that will be the next switch we do at that time,” Struzzi says.

That specific change will come in August.

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