WEST NEWTON (KDKA) — The West Newton fire chief is under fire after giving his son a ride to the prom in a fire truck.

Dustin Sanner basically grew up at the department, so when it was time for senior prom, he thought it would be neat to take his date on a fire truck.

The photos, posted on Dustin’s Facebook page, were priceless. But borough council didn’t agree.

They got wind of the photos when one was published in the local newspaper.

The solicitor says no laws were broken, so no disciplinary measures will be taken. Council simply passed a resolution expressing displeasure with what happened.

“Clearly, it’s not in the line of duty – it’s not a parade, it’s not a fire, it’s not helping with community in that fashion – it’s something that’s strictly personal,” said Chuck Wade, the solicitor of West Newton.

The issue is whether it was a misuse of borough money, which is used to pay the department’s insurance.

Chief Craig Sanner says the truck was only driven from the department to Yough High School in Herminie and returned in a matter of minutes.

The chief’s wife even followed the truck to the school in case there was a call during the six-mile ride.

“This is being blown out of proportion,” Sanner said. “I feel badly that people are upset, but the truck was never out of service. I was trying to do something nice for my son, who puts in many volunteer hours with the department.”

The solicitor says the fire department does great work and he wants to make it clear that no one is in trouble.

Council would just like to make sure that in the future, fire trucks are only used for official department business.

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