NEW YORK (KDKA/CNN) – Wealthy New York families have found a way to skip to the front of the line at Disney World.

According to a New York Post article, they are hiring disabled guides to pose as family members so they can skip to the front.

Social researcher Wednesday Martin “caught wind of the underground network” while working on a book about practices among New York City’s Park Avenue elite, the Post reported.

Disney offers VIP tours and a fastpass service that allows people to avoid long lines.

But Martin says it’s cheaper to hire a black market handicapped guide.

“It really is happening,” Martin told CNN’s “Starting Point” Wednesday.

“I live among the privileged and powerful parents of New York City,” she said, “and once in a while I come across a practice that’s really surprising.”
She added, “It’s not my job to judge.”

The Post anonymously quoted one mother as saying, “My daughter waited one minute to get on ‘It’s a Small World’ — the other kids had to wait 2 1/2 hours. You can’t go to Disney without a tour concierge. This is how the 1% does Disney.”

It’s unclear how often the alleged practice may have actually taken place.

Disney officials have not responded.

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