By Rob Pratte

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Rob Pratte was joined by Congressman Keith Rothfus to discuss America’s issues from immigration to jobs.

Rothfus believes we need to address the problems immigration, he stated immigrants with visas “stay longer” than the time allotted. He says that is a major problem with immigration and it needs to be addressed.

Sen. Bob Casey also joined Rob Pratte and spoke of the pressing issues of the moment, issues like the IRS scandal and Syria.

Casey stated the IRS’ “conduct was completely inappropriate” when they targeted Tea Party members.

Casey’s idea for defeating the regime in Syria is to attack their advantage. Syria has an air advantage, Casey’s idea is to form a coalition of allies and take out Syria’s planes while they are grounded.

Casey sees a need to help Syria because the government has killed over 100,000 of their own people.

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