PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There will be a retrial of the civil lawsuit that Jordan Miles filed against three Pittsburgh police officers.

But it won’t happen as soon as first thought.

The trial was set for July, but now a judge is delaying it.

Miles claims the officers, used excessive force when they stopped him near his home in Homewood in January of 2010, beating him for what he said was no reason.

However, when the case went to trial, the officers said he resisted arrest and they thought he had a gun.

A jury found for the officers on the malicious prosecution count, but they were hung on two other counts.

Miles has hired new lawyers for the retrial.

“Joining me in the case will be Bob Giroux from the Fieger firm in Detroit. Bob and I prepared the Ellerbe case for trial and tried it with Geoff Fieger, and Bob is coming to be co-counsel with me in this case,” said Joel Sansone, Miles’s attorney. “It certainly does add a new dynamic. Bob has tried many, many of these cases all over the country with a very strong track record. He’s very skilled, very talented.”

“I don’t think that’s going to change very much,” said Bryan Campbell, the attorney for police. “The case will be tried the same way.”

The trial date has been set for Nov. 4

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