PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Dr. Gerald Pifer was joined by doctors Gina Rooker and Spyridon Marinis to discuss problems women face with urology.

The doctors primarily focused on urinary tract infection risk factors and prevention. Some risk factors for urinary tract infections are: sexual intercourse, menopause, contraceptive creams and heredity. Recurrent UTIs occur when the infection is not treated properly. Neglecting the symptoms of a UTI can lead to serious health problems.

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“If someone is truly having real symptoms of infections, if that’s left and not treated, people can potentially get kidney infection, it can be potentially serious,” said Rooker.

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The significant rise in reccurent Urinary Traction Infection in women with Menopause occurs because of the decline in hormone levels. Menopausal women with Urinary Tract Infections are encouraged to empty the bladder before getting a checkup with their doctor. Emptying the bladder is important because it allows the doctor to trace how much of the infection is left in the bladder.

The doctors encouraged women to pay close attention to early symptoms of a UTI and most importantly, see a doctor for proper treatment.

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