PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Police have obtained an arrest warrant for a third suspect in the stabbing and attempted carjacking of Pittsburgh Steelers’ lineman Mike Adams.

According to police, the third suspect has been identified as Jerrell Whitlock, 26, of Hazelwood.

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Whitlock is described as being an African-American male, standing about five-feet-11-inches tall and weighing 200 pounds with a mustache and goatee.

“We conducted an extensive search last night for his whereabouts. We started in Hazelwood and branched out into different neighborhoods in Allegheny County and we’re also cooperating with other state and local law enforcement agencies in other counties in Pennsylvania,” said Acting Commander Kevin Kraus, of the Pitsburgh Police. “We consider Mr. Whitlock a very dangerous individual. We have information that he may have left Pittsburgh and Allegheny County and based on his history and his current involvement in this incident, we consider him armed and dangerous.”

Two other suspects, 25-year-old Michael Paranay and 26-year-old Dquay Means, were both arrested Monday in the city’s Hazelwood section.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. Sunday near the intersection of East Carson and South 17th Streets on the South Side.

Adams was standing near his vehicle when he was approached by three men.

Police say they are not sure at this point why Adams was targeted.

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“All we know is he had recently purchased some food; he was standing at his vehicle when he was confronted by these three men. There was a short conversation and then a handgun was brandished and it quickly escalated into a stabbing incident. From what we know it appears to be random,” Commander Kraus said. “We have no information or evidence that indicates that any of these three individuals knew that they were targeting or were involved with a Pittsburgh Steeler. I think this just happened to be a random act.

“We haven’t had many incidents reported of this nature on the South Side that I’m aware of that we’ve investigated. It seems isolated and we don’t believe that there’s a trend involving these three individuals or anyone related to these individuals in any continuing activity on the South Side,” he added.

During the incident, police believe that Means brandished a gun, Paranay punched Adams in the face and Whitlock stabbed him once in the stomach and once more in the arm. Police say a cell phone helped them identify the three suspects.

“Right as the three men were running from the scene, immediately after the incident, we believe Mr. Paranay dropped his cellphone. That was recovered by a witness at the scene, immediately turned over to officers,” said Commander Kraus. “We examined the contents of that cell phone through photographic evidence as well as other evidence. We were able to determine that Mr. Paranay owed the phone and through additional investigation he was positively identified as one of the three actors in this incident.”

Adams sought help inside the Cambod-Ican Kitchen and was later transported to UPMC Mercy Hospital.

Once arrested, Whitlock will be facing charges of criminal attempted homicide, aggravated assault, attempting carjacking and criminal conspiracy.


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