PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — How much is that Penguin in the window? Make an offer. Mancini’s Bread in the Strip is baking Penguin logo loafs.

“This will be the penguin,” Nick Mancini Hartner, a fifth generation baker, prepares another creation. “This will be some auxiliary pieces like the hockey stick, gloves and such. So we want to get it to be 80 percent of the size it’s going to be because it’s going to stretch.”

He hopes the Pens get on a roll, in what has been a half-baked series.

“This product’s going to be the equivalent of 75 one-pound loaves of bread, the owner says. “So I’ve just got to try to keep the shape. I’ve just got to hold it so I can handle it. Working with fresh dough, you’re always working with dough that’s rising. If it goes too far, it’ll start to sag and you fall apart. There’s always an optimum peak to when you want to work with dough.”

Hartner says offbeat bread sculptures are a Mancini tradition.

“We’ve done other things like six-foot alligators. We’ve done a seven-foot mummy for Halloween. Anything to be creative,” he says.

The unwieldy loaf is carefully loaded into the oven. Four hours later, it’s worthy of champagne.

“Next week, I plan on making a Stanley Cup,” says the baker. “We’ll be in the next round.”


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