PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – In 2010, Brittany and Emily Morrow filed a suit against the Blackhawk School District over severe bullying that caused them to switch schools. The Morrow parents insist that the girls were bullied and assaulted by another student who was never expelled from school.

The bully was suspended, adjudicated delinquent and told multiple times to have no further contact with the girls. The family argues that after the bully was declared a delinquent and not expelled, the school violated their equal protection rights.

The majority judges believe that the school did not create the danger while others felt that because the school did not expel the student, they contributed to the danger for the Morrows.

Attorney at Law, Albert Torrence represents the Morrow family in this case. He joined KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek to further explain how his clients feel that the school should be responsible for protecting their children.

Torrence agrees it’s a difficult situation but it is a civil rights violation.

“The school should protect the students when they know something is going on,” said Torrence. “If students can’t go to the bathroom without permission, then the teachers and faculty are responsible to protect their students from violence, too. ”

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